Welcome to stunningly beautiful Ella. Ella is blessed with beautiful sceneries and many natural attractions. When you visit Ella, we advice you to visit few attractions, if not all, to experience the beautiful nature. You visit some of these attractions by walking and some have to be by vehicle due to the distance factor. We can arrange a vehicle with an english speaking driver for places that need to be visited by vehicle. We also can arrange trekking guide for walkable attractions.

Ella Rock

Walk up to Ella Rock, about two hours (both ways) along the railway track and through the tea plantations to get a first hand experience on the local culture and see the top of Little Ravana Fall.

Little Adam's Peak

One and half hours walk as you journey through tea plantations and take in spectacular views of Ella Rock and the valley below. On a clear,sunny day you will be able to see the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Little World's End

Enjoy the magnificent view of Kunckles Mountain. Little World's End is similar to the one in Hortain Plans.The access is via Passara and about 19km from Madhowa and Kokagala tea plantations.

Visit to a tea factory

This half day trip is extremely popular among guests. You see the entire tea production process & buy freshly blended tea. Most of these tea leaves are picked from the sorrounding hills & the final productions are exported to various countries. .


Meditation is a mental exercise that helps you to live a satisfying, productive life. In this meditation centre, you get to see foreigners as well as the locals in meditation posture. Maintaining calm is a must there. Situated in a beautiful setting amidst lush tea bushes.

Ravana falls and Ravana cave

Ravana falls popularly known as Ravana Ella is ranked as one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The secluded upper pool is a great place to swim – with stunning views over the forest and cliff. You swim in a natural pool.

Ella Gap

Ella Gap is the most attractive thing in Ella. It's the view you get through Ella Rock and Mini Adam's Peak. You can see tanks and hundreds of kilometers if the sky is clear.